Akiyama Flute has an accurate scale, exquisite tonal qualities and the ease of playing you might expect. Akiyama Flute was founded in 1997 by Yoshiteru Akiyama, who has been dedicated to designing and developing modern flutes and head joints for more than 32 years. Each instrument and head joint made by Akiyama will surely remind you of the good old French flute sound. How about feeling and experiencing the sound of old-style French Flutes? His eagerness and devotion to rebuilding old style Louis Lot Flutes had led him to develop one of the finest instruments in the world.
In Akiyama flute handmade flute is making a seamed tube.

Dissolve into boards of French dishes in the 1870s,
in the workshop of Akiyama Flute is wrapped
bt hand to produce a flute that the plate.

Akiyama flute has produced a lot of flute and flute
model simulates the system of the United States in
the 1960s,such as the Old French model simulates
the sound closer to the Louis Lot infinitely.